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Next-level customisation possibilities for smart homes with our sonnenKNX Module.

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Flexibility like never before with our KNX integrated sonnenBatterie solution

KNX is a leading open standard for building automation in both homes and businesses. With our sonnenKNX Module, you’re free to set up hyper-specific automation processes with all KNX-certified products and devices.

Available now - with bidirectional communication from March 2024.

Additional customisability, alongside the powerful sonnen Energy Manager

Introducing our sonnenKNX Module, allowing sonnenBatterie users to access the first fully integrated battery storage from a KNX system. With the sonnenKNX Module, you’re free to access data from your sonnenBatterie in your KNX system, such as current state of charge. Or, to use surplus energy from your sonnenBatterie to control KNX-certified products, any way you want to.

Limitless flexibility

Integrate your sonnenBatterie with the sonnenKNX Module and unleash full automation creativity when building a Home Energy Management System (HEMS). Using our sonnenKNX Module, you get frictionless bidirectional gateway control between your sonnenBatterie and KNX-approved goods.

High compatibility

Our sonnenKNX Module is compatible with all models from the sonnenBatterie eco 8.0 and higher. So, you can enjoy KNX connectivity, whichever model you’re using.

Reduced energy costs

Powering your KNX systems with your sonnenBatterie and PV surplus energy means less reliance on the grid. Setting up KNX automations to power through self-generated energy with a sonnenBatterie, especially in peak electricity hours, can help save you money.

Versatile usage in your smart home

The sonnenKNX Module is designed to work in any unique use case you wish to automate. Use surplus energy to power any KNX goods, such as automated opening of smart shutters, or to light your home as part of a KNX sequence. Whatever your vision, you can make it a reality with your sonnenBatterie storage system.

Power-saving technology

Use self-generated energy for KNX automations

Help to reduce energy costs, while still running automations smoothly. With the sonnenKNX module, surplus energy generated from PV systems can be used to control KNX certified products, for low costs.

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Leading technology

Providing industry-leading solutions

sonnen is the first battery provider to fully integrate with the KNX environment, and we’re commited to continue offering leading technology, such as the KNX module, to our customers.

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Reduced carbon emissions

Want to go green, while still powering your KNX automations? Directing self-generated surplus energy to control your KNX goods is a huge step to help reduce your carbon emissions, and purchases from the grid.

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