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sonnen GmbH | January 20, 2023

sonnen enters Dutch market continuing European growth push

sonnen is bringing its residential smart energy storage and energy services for a clean and independent energy supply to households in the Netherlands. The Dutch market entry follows sonnen’s recent successful expansion in Belgium and Spain as part of the company’s push for continued growth in Europe.

Wildpoldsried, 20 January 2023 - As one of the leading manufacturers of smart energy storage systems and as one of the innovation leaders in virtual power plants, sonnen is now also offering its products for a clean and independent energy supply to Dutch households.

Oliver Koch, sonnen CEO: “With our product launch in the Netherlands, we have laid the foundation to position ourselves sustainably in coming years and to continue to successfully drive our international growth. In Europe, we have already been able to demonstrate this through our recent successful market entries in Spain and Belgium.”

"Our goal of clean and affordable energy for all can only be achieved if our products and services are available as far as possible all over the world. That is why it has been part of our strategy since the company was founded that we recognise market potential early on and expand.”

Various versions of the sonnenBatterie are already available in Europe in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Italy, the UK, Sweden, Ireland, Spain and Belgium. Outside Europe they are available in Australia and in the US.

Private energy independence

With the sonnenBatterie 10 performance, households can become largely independent of conventional energy supply and intelligently store their home-generated solar power, consuming it when they need it. The optionally available emergency power solution sonnenProtect 8000 additionally safeguards households in the event of power outages so that they can continue to generate and use their self-generated electricity.

The Netherlands is a fast-growing PV market: in 2020 and 2021 alone, a total capacity of 6.3 GW was installed. This corresponds to a total capacity of over 13 GW¹. With its products, sonnen is now creating optimal technical conditions for households with photovoltaic systems in the Netherlands who want to make their energy supply independent and clean.

Virtual power plant

sonnen's smart energy storage systems can be digitally networked. With this innovative technology, sonnen already connects thousands of sonnenBatteries to form virtual power plants. The sonnenBatteries are controlled by smart algorithms and are coordinated within this network. In this way, the stored energy and the free capacity of the storage units are used to actively participate in the electricity market and to help stabilise public power grids.

Households can thus contribute to the success of the energy transition in a way that was previously only possible for large power plants. Currently, sonnen operates virtual power plants in Germany, Italy, Australia and the USA.


¹ https://iea-pvps.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/IEA_PVPS_Snapshot_2022-vF.pdf