white sonnenBatterie in front of a grey wall

Intelligent, long-lasting and economical – the sonnenBatterie

The sonnenBatterie is a high-tech storage system that has proven itself in thousands of households – every day. The combination of a PV system and a sonnenBatterie will allow you to cover about 75% of your yearly energy requirement with self-produced and clean energy. Since your energy is being generated on your roof and not by some anonymous energy provider you are more independent than before. So take your energy future into your own hands and reduce your energy costs to a minimum. The decision for a sonnenBatterie is also a decision for the highest standards in safety and quality that "Made in Germany" stands for.

Which sonnenBatterie is right for me?

Batterie hybrid nested 3

sonnenBatterie eco

The sonnenBatterie eco is the perfect solution for those wanting the greatest possible flexibility. Since it is not bound to any particular photovoltaic system size, its modular design makes it the right companion for you. It can also be easily connected to other power sources and is compatible with a mini wind turbine, a micro co generation unit or a fuel cell. The sonnenBatterie eco is also ideally suited for those who already have a photovoltaic system. It can be easily connected to existing installed systems enabling them to enjoy their solar power day or night.

Batterie hybrid nested 3

sonnenBatterie hybrid

The sonnenBatterie hybrid provides maximum cost efficiency as the system also includes the inverter for your photovoltaic system. This eliminates the need for an external device to convert direct current (DC) from the roof into alternating current (AC) for your house. This significantly reduces the total cost of a photovoltaic system and sonnenBatterie. The system also becomes more compact and efficient. Due to its very high efficiency, we ensure that solar power reaches your household with virtually no losses.

3 white sonnenBatteries in front of a dark wall

sonnenBatterie pro

The sonnenBatterie pro is the new standard for responsible energy consumption in commercial operations. It offers maximum self-sufficiency, capacity and performance. Since companies require more energy than a typical single-family home, three sonnenBatteries can be combined to form a larger capacity storage solution. Due to this higher performance and increased capacity, the sonnenBatterie pro operates with larger photovoltaic systems and is therefore suitable for commercial buildings with large solar arrays. Thanks to the integrated energy manager with weather forecasting and estimated charging behaviour, your company can achieve efficient and transparent supply of clean power at all times.

Regardless of what sonnenBatterie model you choose – we guarantee that you will get the best possible solution for your needs!

Clean energy for you or all – this is how it works

Discover the sonnenBatterie and the sonnenCommunity in this short Video.

During the day the sonnenBatterie optimises the usage of your solar power in your house.

video preview

The sonnenBatterie is an intelligent control centre that manages all the solar power in your household.

video preview

The sonnenBatterie will reliably supply you with energy during the nighttime using the stored solar power generated during the day.

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In the inter-connected sonnenCommunity all members share their energy with one another to reach a maximum degree of independence.

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Self-produced energy round the clock – discover how the sonnenBatterie works.

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Clean energy for all: presenting the sonnenBatterie and the sonnenCommunity.

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How the sonnenBatterie gets you through the day

Clean energy during the daytime, in the evening and at night.

curve illustrating usage of stored energy(blue), usage of PV energy(green), PV prodution(yellow)

Morning: minimal energy production, high energy needs.

At sunrise the solar panels start to produce energy, though not enough to cover the morning energy needs. The sonnenBatterie will bridge the gap with the stored energy from the previous day.

Midday: highest energy production, low energy needs.

In the daytime the energy generated from the solar panels is at its peak. But since nobody is home the energy consumption is very low so that most of the generated energy is stored in the sonnenBatterie.

Evening: low energy production, high energy needs.

The highest daily energy consumption is in the evening when the solar panels produce little or no energy. The sonnenBatterie will cover the energy need with the energy produced in the daytime.

solar system - electric power storage with inverter - power distribution

PV + sonnenBatterie eco (with additional PV inverter)

solar system - electric power storage without inverter - power distribution

PV + sonnenBatterie hybrid (without additional PV inverter)

Technical data sonnenBatterie eco & hybrid

The sonnenBatterie comes with the experience of 40,000 installed systems - build into each unit, the newest technology for highest independence and maximum longevity. All in a compact case that offers the highest flexibility thanks to its modular design.

black sonnenBatterie eco

Dimensions (W/H/D in cm)

Base cabinet (5.0 kWh): 88/67/23
Dimensions 5 – 10 kWh: 137/67/23
Dimensions 5 – 15 kWh: 186/67/23
(height x width x depth)

System scope
Complete storage system, ready to

System intelligence
Automatic increase of household energy
consumption during periods of high
energy generation, predictive and
intelligent charging, optimization of
energy usage according to daily weather
data updates

Premium guarantee
10 years

Storage capacity
5 kWh – 15 kWh (expandable in steps of
2.5 kWh post installation) 

10,000 charge cycles

Complete storage system
Everything included, ready to connect

Intelligent integration
All common heat pumps and cogeneration units

sonnenBatterie hybrid output
5,5 kW (up to 6,4 kWp PV-output)

sonnenBatterie eco output
2,5 – 3,3 kW

The right size energy storage for any need – any time

Every household has its own very specific energy needs. That's why the sonnenBatterie was developed as a multi-stage storage system that can be adapted to the most diverse energy needs. With storage sizes ranging from 5 kWh to 15 kWh the sonnenBatterie will power a detached house, a multi-family house. The sonnenBatterie's energy capacity can be individually expanded in blocks of 2.5 kWh - should you ever feel the need to increase the power storage in your house.


High quality components perfectly tuned to your needs

The sonnenBatterie is a complete system - ready for connection. This means that inside of every sonnenBatterie you'll find not only the extremely durable battery modules but also an inverter, an intelligent energy manager, measurement technology and the software to operate it all smoothly. All in one handy box. In contrast to most other battery systems in the market, the sonnenBatterie components are build into a single high-quality casing and perfectly attuned to each other - thereby ensuring a very high longevity and maximum quality with a small footprint.


Batteries are the basis of all energy storage systems

Over time, they will be charged and discharged many thousands of times. For that reason the sonnenBatterie is based on the most reliable and sustainable battery technology available and exclusively uses lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). These batteries offer a greater longevity and higher safety than most other lithium-ion batteries that are commonly used in smartphones, laptops or electric cars. Did you know: lithium iron phosphate is the only battery component that occurs naturally and does not contain any toxic heavy metals.

Now for even more innovation: our accessories

Make your home not only independent, but also sustainable – with the accessories from sonnen. Thanks to the integrated energy manager, the sonnenBatterie already ensures optimised power consumption in your home. To further increase your own consumption, sonnen offers intelligent accessories that are compatible with the sonnenBatterie: from heat generation to emergency power to the electric car charging station.

sonnenHeater in front of a grey wall


With the sonnenHeater you can use solar energy to generate heat. If between spring and autumn the electricity yields of the solar panels are particularly high and excess energy is produced, the sonnenHeater allows you to utilize this in a targeted way. No expensive external control is necessary, because the sonnenBatterie’s energy manager regulates the sonnenHeater precisely. This optimises your own consumption and saves not only electricity but also heating costs. By integrating the sonnenHeater into your heating system, you reduce your oil and gas consumption and at the same time make an important contribution to the environment. In-home power and heat generation – with the sonnenBatterie and the sonnenHeater!

sonnen backup box on grey wall


With the emergency power option from sonnen, power outages will be forever in the past. The flexible and easy installable sonnenBackup-Box is compatible with the sonnenBatterie eco, hybrid and pro and offers you maximum security for a constant power supply in your home. Up to 2.8 kW of peak power are available for the protection of a complete phase. The sonnenBackup-Box combined with an 8 kWh sonnenBatterie can, for example, power your home’s refrigerator, lights and internet router all day long.

black sonnenCharger

Let your car soak up some sun: sonnenCharger

With the sonnenCharger, the intelligent EV charger for your home, you can use your photovoltaic panels and a sonnenBatterie to charge your electric vehicle with clean electricity. Instead of using conventionally generated electricity from fossil-fired power plants, the new charging station from sonnen allows you to draw the required electricity directly from your solar panels or your sonnenBatterie. For the first time, electric mobility becomes truly clean.

Full flexibility - in an intelligent system

The sonnenCharger is not only an EV charger, but part of an intelligent system which uses the sonnen control center to actively interconnect with your sonnenBatterie, your photovoltaic panels and your electric vehicle. Thanks to this connection, the sonnenCharger is able to optimally align itself to your daily routine and operate in two possible charging modes: power and smart.

sonnenCharger - electric car- charging mode power

Charging mode power

The power charging mode automatically ensures that your electric vehicle will charge as quickly as possible with your self-generated electricity, meaning your car is ready for use in no time. Simply plug it in and get started!

sonnenCharger - electric car - charging mode smart

Charging mode smart

In smart mode, you specify the time when you next want to use your car. Then, within the available time period, the sonnenCharger is able to consider the weather forecast data and the household‘s electricity consumption to decide where the self-produced solar energy is needed the most and when is the best time to charge the electric vehicle.