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sonnenCharger next to the sonnenBatterie in a Garage, a man in front of the garage fixing his bike
Energy storage

Smart energy solutions

Hardware, innovative electricity contracts and virtual power plants.

    We empower you – to shape a better energy future.

    sonnen wants to give customers globally the opportunity to shape their energy future. We are now represented at many international locations. In addition to Germany, these include various European countries, as well as Australia and the USA. Currently, we do not offer our energy solutions in all countries, but we are working hard to continuously expand.



    Our energy solutions


    With the sonnenBatterie, the intelligent energy storage system, you become your own energy supplier and make yourself independent of rising electricity prices. In combination with the sonnenProtect, our emergency power solution, you completely secure your home and protect yourself from potential power outages.


    Additional power for the sonnenBatterie is easily obtained from the sonnenCommunity, with the sonnenFlat. But sonnen's personalised electricity contracts also provide you with clean electricity - both in an apartment and in a house.


    With the sonnenCharger, the intelligent wallbox for electric vehicles (EV), you can easily charge your EV with clean electricity from the PV system and sonnenBatterie. Or you can simply test whether or not e-mobility fits into your life with sonnenDrive, the smart subscription for electric vehicles.

    Virtual Power Plant

    sonnen’s groundbreaking Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technology virtually links together local networks of sonnenBatteries to form a single renewable power plant that is capable of deploying enough stored sunshine to reduce the use of traditional fossil fuels and lower CO2 emissions. By using intelligent batteries and groundbreaking VPP software, sonnen helps provide clean, reliable energy to customers, greater energy control to local grid operators, and financial benefits to customers.