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sonnen GmbH | June 14, 2023

sonnen introduces configurable B2B storage solution to protect companies against rising energy prices

sonnen unleashes the full potential of commercial solar energy with the sonnenPro FlexStack, presenting a smart, configurable modular storage system for indoor and outdoor applications at the Smarter E trade fair. From craft enterprises to industrial corporations, this system can be tailored to individual customer needs, helping them to significantly reduce their energy costs. Moreover, the new storage solution is part of sonnen’s approach to create more added value through intelligence and interconnection.

Wildpoldsried, 14 June 2023 – sonnen, one of the globally leading innovators for home battery storage solutions and connectivity technologies, introduces the sonnenPro FlexStack at Smarter E: a modular battery storage system specially developed for individual business and industry needs. With this product, the first of the new sonnenPro product line, the company takes the next logical step from its previous B2C focus by presenting a solution for the energy transition in companies. Companies will be able to use their own self-generated renewable energy 24/7 with the sonnenPro FlexStack and thus not only protect themselves against rising energy prices but also reduce their carbon emissions.

A sonnenPro FlexStack consists of four performance and storage units achieving a performance of up to 368 kW and a capacity of up to 495 kW. Depending on client requirements and the respective use case, the best-suited of more than 20 possible configurations is selected and deployed. With a cascading system, larger blocks with higher performance and capacity are also possible. All this makes sure that the storage system can be precisely attuned to any client requirements. However, there is another benefit to sonnen’s solution: support during the more complex project phases, as is customary in C&I.

“With our sonnenPro FlexStack, control over the energy costs reverts to the companies. We have poured all our experience and technological know-how into a highly flexible and digitally connectible storage system. And so we can reassure companies that their investment of today is oriented towards the applications of tomorrow; in other words, for the long term. We do not only expand our product portfolio; we give companies the change to accelerate their own energy transition and change the world of energy”, says Susan Käppeler, Country Manager DACH at sonnen.

A one-stop shop storage system

Unpredictable electricity costs, shrinking or discontinued feed-in tariffs: unleashing the full potential of their PV system has never been more attractive for businesses big and small. With the help of the smart sonnen storage, self-generated solar power becomes a stable source of energy for companies, with own consumption going up significantly. Thanks to its 100% outdoor-compatible, compact components, even the smallest outside surface may be used for clean energy supply. It is also possible, for example, to integrate EV charging stations into the existing infrastructure. This could possibly offset any mains connection limitation issues.

The lithium iron phosphate technology makes the battery particularly safe and long-lived. But the system is also long-lived in terms of usability: thanks to the modular, flexible structure, further components can be added to the storage, should the needs of the company change at some point. It is this flexibility which makes the sonnenPro FlexStack the heart of companies with high expectations of sustainable, cost-efficient energy supply. The first few systems are expected to become available in Q4 2024.

Connected on all levels: interconnection is the key to a clean energy future

As a pioneer for home battery storage solutions and interconnection technology, sonnen sets great store by the future viability of any new product developments. So it comes as no surprise that the B2B storage solution was also born “digital by design”, and its built-in interfaces will allow for it to become part of the sonnen virtual power plant, which connects private home battery storage solutions to form one major virtual battery even today. Through digital interconnection and the integration into the sonnen virtual power plant, there is potential for unprecedented flexibility on the energy market, generating added value that goes far beyond mere cost-saving.