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sonnen GmbH | May 30, 2018

sonnen and the Eigenheimerverband Bayern e.V. initiate a collaboration for over 80,000 members

Wildpoldsried, 30th May 2018 - sonnen and the Bavarian Homeowners’ Association have initiated a collaboration for the members of the association. The more than 80,000 homeowners will now benefit from preferential prices when purchasing a sonnenBatterie.

Worldwide, more than 30,000 households are already enjoying the benefits of private energy generation by means of a sonnenBatterie; the majority of these being homeowners. In Germany, using photovoltaic and power storage systems, homeowners are able to provide up to around 75% of their annual energy on a self-generated basis. In the sonnenCommunity, they can even connect with other members and share their energy.

Of the 1.67 million photovoltaic systems in Germany, over 500,000 are installed in Bavaria alone. Together with Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria is the most productive federal state for solar energy, which renders personal solar power supply systems particularly efficient and economical.

“The sonnenBatterie offers all members of the Homeowners´ Association the opportunity to access a clean and independent energy supply from renewable energies," says Philipp Schröder, Sales and Marketing Director at sonnen. “As a member of the sonnenCommunity, it’s even possible to make yourself 100 % independent from a traditional supplier and to use the sonnenFlat package to access cost-free energy."

Wolfgang Kuhn, President of the Bavarian Homeowners’ Association adds: “Today, more than ever, it is immensely important to focus on clean energy and to obtain comprehensive and competent advice from qualified professionals." The Bavarian Homeowners’ Association represents the interests of people with owner-occupied residential property. The association is composed of 380 local associations, which work independently and are distributed across all districts of Bavaria. The services offered by the association include advice in all matters concerning apartment, house and land ownership, such as inheritance law, neighbourhood law, etc.

The sonnenBatterie is an intelligent high-tech solar battery storage system for an own clean energy supply. For an average household, the energy self-sufficiency provided by the sonnenBatterie lies at around 75 % of the annual electricity requirement. The lithium iron phosphate cells used by sonnen are particularly safe and durable. As a result, sonnen guarantees a performance of at least 10,000 charging cycles.