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sonnen GmbH | August 1, 2017

sonnen appoints Jean-Baptiste Cornefert as new Managing Director of sonnen eServices

With Jean-Baptiste Cornefert, sonnen gains a manager with international experience and expertise in the decentralised energy business. Jean-Baptiste has been with the German utility E.ON before, where he was leading the Virtual Power Plant & Renewable Marketing business unit.

Wildpoldsried, 1. August 2017 – Jean-Baptiste Cornefert will take over as managing director of sonnen eServices, starting September 18, 2017. His responsibilities at sonnen will include the continued expansion of the sonnenCommunity and the development of innovative electricity services that connect clean decentralised energy.

He will drive and support sonnen on the path to becoming the energy utility of the future, making sure that customers benefit from the opportunities linked to the new decentralised and digital energy landscape.

Jean-Baptiste Cornefert joins sonnen from the German utility E.ON, where he managed the demand side management activities of the group as head of the Virtual Power Plant & Renewable Marketing business unit. In this role, he led an international team responsible for the aggregation and commercialisation of flexibility from decentralised demand side and renewable assets.

‘The future of energy is clean, decentralised and digitalized. With Jean-Baptiste, we are gaining an experienced manager with a unique energy expertise who fully supports the vision of sonnen. He will lead sonnen´s eService development as of mid-September,’ says Christoph Ostermann, CEO of the sonnen Group.

Jean-Baptiste Cornefert has been working in the energy sector for more than 12 years, starting his career as a trainee at E.ON. After progressing his career in different roles in energy trading, sales and strategy, he was appointed as sales manager of the company’s new virtual power plant (VPP) business unit in 2012. Since September 2014, Jean-Baptiste headed the VPP business unit and integrated the renewable energy marketing capabilities of the organization.

‘The changes taking place in the energy market are so profound that we need a completely new approach to energy services. The new energy landscape is customer centric, the customer acting both as energy producer and as consumer. This is exactly sonnen´s approach and I am delighted to be part of this fundamental change and to be able to shape sonnen´s offering further,’ says Jean-Baptiste.

Already today, customers are able to interconnect with one another and share their power, as part of the sonnenCommunity, to balance fluctuations in supply and demand of electricity Also by subscribing to the sonnenFlat, community members make their energy storage systems available for grid services in return for free power.

Jean-Baptiste Cornefert will be responsible for leading the development, energy trading and marketing efforts for sonnen´s growing energy services group. sonnen eServices GmbH is part of the sonnen Group. It operates the sonnenCommunity and is responsible for the development of new business models resulting from the transformation of the energy market.