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sonnen GmbH | October 31, 2016

sonnenBatterie now available in Norway

Wildpoldsried, October 19, 2016 – The sonnen group, market leader for residential battery storage in Europe, is expanding further into new markets and is now offering its smart energy storage system “sonnenBatterie” in Norway.

sonnen will be partnering with Energima Solar AS, a provider of complete solar solutions for private and commercial customers. Energima Solar is using the latest and most proven storage technology to maximize the yields of solar power and self-consumption. Energima Solar offers its customers solutions to minimize their energy costs and enable them to contribute to the protection of the environment.

"Norway produces over half of its energy needs from renewable energy sources," says Tommy Fernandes, Managing Director at Energima Solar. "In the past two or three years, the Norwegian solar power market has picked up speed. We are pleased to offer our customers the best technical, economical and high-quality solution from the European market leader sonnen."

"The customers in Norway are enthusiastic about the sonnenBatterie giving them new ways for a decentralized and clean energy future", says Philipp Schröder, Managing Director for sales and marketing at sonnen. "Norway is a very technology-conscious and sustainable country, so we see it as a perfect market for our sonnen product range."

The sonnenBatterie is an “All-in-One” storage system that integrates a smart energy manager, inverter measuring technology and very durable battery modules with a lifetime of 10,000 charge cycles. Thanks to the modular design, an expansion of the storage capacity in 2 kWh steps is possible at any time. The intelligent energy management evaluates the consumption data of the user and incorporates weather data to determine the optimal time periods for loading and unloading of the battery. In addition, electrical appliances or heating devices can be controlled in order to consume the solar power in the house.